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    Po Kee was established in 1933 as an outfitter for the commercial fishing fleet in Hong Kong selling silk line and hooks. For centuries, fishermen hand-tied strands of silk to make their fishing line and nets, which was time-consuming as well as being very labor intensive.

    In 1946, commercial fishing changed forever with the introduction of nylon as fishing line.  It was superior to silk because it was consistent, longer lengths and stronger.  Fishermen could increase their catch substantially because they spent less time making their lines and nets. 

    This was the golden era of commercial fishing in Hong Kong.

    Po Kee Fishing Tackle History

    In 1962, Po Kee incorporated and gradually changed from commercial to sport fishing.

    In 1966 a store completely dedicated to sport fishing was opened in the first ever shopping mall in Hong Kong, Ocean Terminal.

    In 1972, Po Kee builds its new headquarters one block from its old location in Sheung Wan. Since incorporation, Po Kee has been stocking the finest sport fishing tackle and everything a fisherman would need.

    Today, we bringing you the best quality tackle available online.


    Po Kee Fishing </div>Tackle History